Why snafus like HP’s keylogger will happen again

As Woody Leonhard explained last week, HP laptops have come with a little added extra ever since Christmas 2015: a keylogger. HP has confirmed to me that the report from Thorsten Schroeder of ModZero is correct and the company has been urgently working on fixes.

The keylogger is built into a device driver supplied to HP by Conexant Systems. It places every single keystroke you make in a log file on the computer. The file is deleted and a new one is started every time you log on to Windows, but if you use an incremental backup system or rarely reboot, there’s a good chance that every password, credit card number, personal detail, and regretted communication you ever typed is stored safely waiting for a hacker or subpoena to make it public.

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Source: Infoworld.com | Security

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