Wasn't this supposed to speed things up?

IT pilot fish is moving on with his career, but before he changes employers, he comes up with an easier way for users to get on the company intranet.

“I wanted to relieve the staff of the need to memorize yet another username/password combination — or write it on a sticky note to be posted on the wall,” says fish.

“So I set up an interface that used Windows Active Directory for access authorization, with appropriate fallback in case the domain controller couldn’t be accessed. The whole thing worked like a dream.”

Fast forward a couple years: Fish is brought back in to add more capabilities to the Intranet that’s been faithfully chugging along since he left. But as fish starts on the new project, the IT director casually mentions that intranet logins have been running a lot slower. Could fish perhaps check into that too?

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Source: Computerworld.com | Security

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