MWC 2017: Avast finds over 5.3 million hackable smart devices in Spain

Since Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona, security product vendor Avast took aim at the Internet of Things there. Among the findings in this latest research experiment, Avast discovered there were more than 22,000 webcams and baby monitors which are vulnerable to attack. Of course this is not a problem only in Spain, but hacking vulnerable baby monitors and webcams to spy on unsuspecting people in their homes is especially creepy and invasive.

Avast has a habit of conducting Wi-Fi experiments at big events such as the Republican National Convention and Mobile World Congress 2016. The research for MWC 2017 dived deeper than IoT flaws in Barcelona as Avast also took a look at IoT security in Spain and found it lacking. It found more than 5.3 million vulnerable smart devices in Spain, 493,000 of those in Barcelona.

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