More June security patch bugs: You can patch an IE flaw, CVE-2017-8529, or print inside iFrames — but not both

Strap on your hip waders. This particular “scare” article should have you thinking yet again about the advisability of installing Windows updates as soon as they’re available. As you’ll see, Microsoft itself has flip-flopped on the resolution and those who subscribe to Windows Update have been taken along for the ride.

Buggy June patches to Windows, Internet Explorer and Edge left customers in the horns of a dilemma:

  • You can plug a security hole known as CVE-2017-8529, in which IE or Edge reveal the presence of a specific file on your computer when you simply surf to a compromised web site, OR
  • You can print content on web pages that are inside an HTML construct known as an iFrame, using IE 9, 10 or 11.

Microsoft’s up against a hard bug that makes this an either-or proposition: Until Microsoft figures out how to fix both problems at the same time, either you patch the security hole, or you can print inside iFrames with IE, but not both.

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