'May the Fourth' remind users to choose a stronger password

May 4 is coming up and has been designated as World Password Day to remind enterprise workers and consumers everywhere to use strong, updated passwords to protect cybersecurity.

The date was picked to align with one of the silliest puns yet: “May the Fourth Be with You” — also known as Star Wars Day. (Get it?) Well, maybe when Thursday, May 4 rolls around, it will still be a reminder for end-users to choose a stronger password and redouble security steps.

Security firm BullGuard cited recent studies showing that 90% of all passwords are vulnerable to attack in seconds. Also, 10,000 common passwords like “qwerty” or “12345678” allow access to 98% of all accounts, BullGuard said. Amazingly, 21% of online users rely on passwords that are 10 years old, the company said.

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Source: Computerworld.com | Security

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