IDG Contributor Network: Can Dell change endpoint security?

Endpoint security is changing dramatically. It’s becoming clear that simply doing anti-malware the way it’s always been done with an add-on software program that scans for threats through signature comparisons as files are opened is not enough. The two major traditional AV companies, Symantec and McAfee, who championed this approach for many years, now have competition from next generation players like Cylance, who use predictive machine learning and AI approaches to evaluating and discovering new malware not easily detected through signature-only approaches. And processor suppliers like Intel, ARM, Qualcomm, etc. are getting into the act, designing-in trusted segments of their chips intended to become impenetrable vaults for protected execution of critical parts of the OS and apps. With newer sophisticated malware attacks, security must move beyond an outdated add-on only approach and into a multilayered approach that includes hardware, OS, layered software and network awareness.

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