And the award for worst mobile idea of the year goes to Walmart

For some reason, Walmart seems to go out of its way to find and embrace mobile ideas that are most likely to cause problems far worse than the one they are supposed to address.

This summer, the world’s largest retailer gave us store employees delivering items to customers as the employees drove home. Yes, indeed, that’s exactly what we need to help Walmart: more inexperienced and resentful delivery people.

A mobile app that lets Walmart employees into your home

But Walmart has now decided to leverage mobile and deliver an idea that is far more dangerous than grumpy cashiers: Walmart has struck a deal with a digital doorlock company to — I am not making this up — unlock your home frontdoor so they can get into your kitchen, when you’re not at home, and put away groceries for you. I swear that Walmart actually announced this. I doublechecked that it wasn’t an Onion video. (Although Onion has done some wonderful Walmart segments.)

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