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Hi, i’m root. I’m making my living with Security. That’s my job. Information Security, IT Security, Risk Management, you name it. I’m certified as a CISSP, CISM, CISA and the likes. Have quite a lot of experience with Microsoft products, although it’s been a while. Owned a hosting company for quite a while a couple years back, which i built on linux; CentOS mainly.

At home, i like to do some home automation, for which i (amongst other) like use Raspberry Pi’s. I love those things. I manage my own router/firewall and WiFi network with Ubiquiti’s UniFi, do centralized backup (CrashPlan on Pi) and yes, everything is protected by a UPS in my little ‘datacenter’. Just the infra devices, not the clients of course.

In my spare time,  i’ve created this page to share my experiences, tips, tricks & what else to enhance your IT Security. Why? Because you can’t do without Security. And it’s hard to keep up-to-date as a normal, law-abiding citizen. So i’ll do the keeping-up for you, as much as possible.

For the record: i don’t sell anything, i’m not affiliated to any of the vendors of any product i recommend or link to on this site. So i don’t make any money off this site, in any way. Just so you know.

Feel free to comment. Like it? Great. Don’t? Fine also. Happy reading!

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